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"The Young Businnes Club program cooperates with other organizations and associations of similar goals, and partnerships with" Startup Teens Netzwerk eV "and" EBS Alumni "have been agreed for the events and courses.The main sponsor will be the Airport Club and Commerzbank AG from 2019 onwards. The association also receives support from the advertising agency ADVISMA UG. " -feineadressen.de (Edition IV / 2018 Frankfurt)
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...... What to do after graduation? Many ask themselves this question. Gap-year, study, training or start a company? The latter was done by Pascal Weiland and Luka Döllner. What it feels like to be a young manager and what challenges your advertising agency is facing has been discussed by our host Philipp Bächstädt "

...... Together with Luka Döllner, the 20-year-old Wormser Pascal Weiland leads the advertising agency "Advisma". The two want to make it to the top - first of all in Germany.

The young agency provides services to businesses to bring their products to the market: designing company logos, designing flyers and websites, and providing businesses with blogs on social networks like Instagram.

Because of their age, they have a clear start advantage in dealing with all things digital, they are sure of that. "We grew up with the new media." The majority of their employees are also from their generation, but a "few older people" are also there, they say: "Our oldest designer is 39."

...... Advisma delivers young marketing from Darmstadt

Today, Advisma has a total of eight employees who offer customers complete marketing concepts for offline and online media: from the idea to the realization. This includes the construction of websites, the design of print media, the production of videos and photographs as well as social media marketing. According to Döllner, the roughly 355 customers the company has served until today are mainly small to medium-sized companies from all over Germany. But the young company also has to deal with foreign companies.

...... Marketing from Darmstadt

The young company also has dealings with foreign companies: "For example, we work with an Indian businessman who helps textile companies gain a foothold in Germany, and with a printing company in Poland." In the past, Döllner managed everything from home, In the meantime, Advisma has rented business premises in Darmstadt's Poststraße.

...... Young entrepreneur manages own agency

Almost two years ago, he founded his agency, while he is studying. Not everyone believed in Him at first, he says at the harmony.fm Mikro.

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